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gearbox, variator
Worm Gear Speed Reducer
High quality aluminum alloy die cast gearbox, High accuracy worm gear and worm shaft, Less noise and lower temperature increase, Easy mounting and linking, high efficiency......
Speed Variator
We can supply worm gear speed reducers, as well as UDL series planetary cone and disk stepless speed variators.
Continual running forward
and backward
Convenient to adjust
Power: 0.18 - 7.5kW
Output torque: 1.5-118N.m
Adjusting ratio: 1.4 - 10
Established in 1985,Taizhou Jiaoxing Transmission Equipment Co.,Ltd. is a professional Chinese manufacturer of worm gearboxes and speed variators. As a member of the National Speed Reducer and Variator Association, we have accumulated abundant design and manufacturing experience.
Our Jiaoxing brand speed reducers and variators feature top quality designs and competitive prices. Our products sell well, with a good reputation at home and abroad. We have exported our products to clients around the world and earned a good reputation...

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