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How to Choose Reducer

2018-12-25 11:00:17 clicks:596
The selection of general reducer includes the steps of putting forward original conditions, selecting types and determining specifications.
In contrast, the selection of type is relatively simple, and the key to the correct and reasonable selection of specifications of general reducer is to accurately provide the working conditions of reducer and master the design, manufacture and use characteristics of reducer. Specification selection should satisfy the conditions of strength, thermal balance and radial load bearing at the axle extension part.
Selection of specifications according to mechanical power or torque (strength check)
The biggest difference between the general reducer and the special reducer is that the former is suitable for all industries, but the deceleration can only be designed according to a specific working condition. Therefore, the users should consider different correction coefficients according to their respective requirements when selecting the general reducer and the special reducer. The factory should use the nameplate according to the actual motor power (not the rated power of the decelerator); the latter should use the special conditions of the users. In design, the coefficients considered are generally considered in design. The method is relatively simple as long as the power used is less than or equal to the rated power of the reducer.
II. Calibration of Heat Balance
The allowable heat power value of general reducer is determined by the maximum allowable equilibrium temperature of lubricating oil (generally 85 C) under specific working conditions (general ambient temperature 20 C, 100% per hour, continuous operation, power utilization rate 100%). Conditions are modified according to the corresponding coefficients (sometimes synthesized into a coefficient).
3. Check the radial load on the extension part of the axle
The general reducer often has to limit the maximum radial load allowed on the middle part of the extension of the input shaft and the output shaft. It should be checked. When exceeding the limit, the requirement of increasing the diameter of the shaft and the bearing should be put forward to the manufacturer.