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Installation Matters of Reducer Bearing

2018-12-25 11:00:17 clicks:614
The bearing on the upper part of the reducer adopts oil immersion or forced lubrication. In order to prevent oil leakage in the extension direction of the lower axle, the combined seal is adopted. In the current selected reducer, no forced lubrication is required, and oil immersion lubrication is adopted. This requires a filling tank on the upper part of the reducer, and the oil level of the filling tank should be higher than the bearing position on the upper part of the reducer to meet the bearing immersion. The need for oil lubrication.
Cycloidal pin wheel reducer
It is worth noting that the axial and radial forces on the output shaft of the reducer are limited because the bearings on the output shaft of the reducer are installed in accordance with the conventional method. When there is a large external force, the structure of reducer should be redesigned to select bearings according to the axial force and radial force provided.
_The overhead passenger's steel rope drive wheel suffers a large torque. When directly connected with the reducer through the coupling, its external force is far greater than the radial force and axial force defined by the standard design and the reducer with reinforced bearings.
_The cost of special design reducer will be greatly increased. In actual production and use, when the equipment manufacturer connects the drive wheel with the reducer, another set of bearing seat is added to bear the radial force of the steel rope drive wheel, so as to eliminate the influence of the external force on the reducer.